Projects : New Construction

Whatcom Plaza


Bellingham, WA

Square Footage:



Whatcom Plaza LLC


Grinstad & Wagner


AG Consulting Engineers


Site development of 1.8 acres that included installation of underground storm detention vault and treatment tanks, along with upgrades to existing utilities to support new building development.


Being that the existing site was used as a fill site for unsuitable soils during the construction of adjacent projects, to prepare for this new development, the project required extensive quantities of earth to be removed and new structural fill to be imported to stabilize the area. Due to the instability of the soils, it was required that all building bearing points be overexcavated and filled with Concrete Density Fill to support new wood and structural steel framed buildings with structural steel canopies and enclosed by glass curtain walls brick veneer, metal paneling, and stucco exterior cladding system.