Several past Project Owners and Architects have volunteered their time and the following opinions about working with The Franklin Corporation. We invite you to view their testimonials.

    Jim Bjerke, Project Owner

  • For the past 30 years, Jim Bjerke, of Pacific Continental Realty, has contracted with us for his Tenant Improvements and his personal projects, such as the renovation of the Crown Plaza Building. The relationship we've built with him and the team at Pacific Continental Realty has proven to be profitable for us, Pacific Continental Realty, and the hundreds of tenants who we have had the pleasure to serve.

  • Dave Christensen, AIA Architect, LEED AP

  • We've partnered with Dave Christensen of Christensen Design Management for many years on numerous projects.  Recently, together we completed our first LEED-Gold Certified project; the Gaston Bay Building located on Bellingham Bay.  It's Dave's innovative and forward-thnking approach that continues to be a asset to our community and to our company growth.    
  • Marcus M Johnson, AIA Architect

  • We have worked closely with Marcus for many years and our relationship is truly symbiotic.  Some of our most successful renovations, such as the Sunnyland Square project, have come from the vision of Marcus Johnson.  He continues to be a integral member of our team and we look forward to working with him in the near future.      
  • Doug Madsen M.D., Project Owner

  • Dr. Doug Madsen has been a real pleasure to work with on his OB/GYN clinic remodels.  Having hired us to remodel his clinics on several occasions, he knows he can rely on us to carry out the tasks efficiently and with little disruption to his practise.  He is one of many we have proudly supported in the Healthcare Industry.   
  • Michael Smith, FAIA LEED AP

  • Michael Smith, of the Zervas Group Architects, has done amazing work in the field of architecture.  We teamed up with Michael and the Zervas Group on the Gateway Building project.  Once a dilapidated hotel in downtown Bellingham, the renovated Gateway Building received a 2008 Merit Award from the NW Chapter of the AIA.  Michael also contracts with us on his personal commercial construction projects.  We are very proud of the work we have done for Michael and the Zervas Group.
  • Kent Thomas, Project Owner

  • Kent Thomas of FWD Development, has built some the most atheistically pleasing developments around the state.  Our last two partnership projects, Olympic Plaza in Port Angeles, WA and Harbor Station in Oak Harbor WA, have shown what effective project teams can accomplish in remote locations.  We look forward to future projects with FWD Development.