Projects : Redevelopment

Birch Bay Square


Blaine, WA.

Square Footage:



Birch Bay Square L.L.C.


Carletti Architects P.S.


DCI Engineers


Redevelopment of existing open air shopping center.


The Franklin Corporation worked closely with the ownership group and design team to come up with solutions to constructability issues, phasing, and tenant access during construction and design.  Construction included improvements to buildings A, B and D, which included removal of a portion of the Building D to complete a drive isle to ease traffic access to site and new grocery store. 

Exterior improvements included the addition of structural steel framed towers and parapets to be cladded with new stucco, shingle and metal surfaces.  Site improvements included the addition of new sidewalks, complete reorganization of parking lot, and extension of utilities for future building pads.  This was a multi-phased project that lasted 3 years.